Modern Farmhouse Custom Build Plan

Am I really doing this? Am I actually at the point where we I can share our house plans with you?! It still doesn't feel real. If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post about our subdivision progress, check that out here! After interviewing two builders, we signed a contract with a contractor … Continue reading Modern Farmhouse Custom Build Plan

Choosing Toys to Promote Creativity and Pretend Play

We *try* to be selective with the toys that we bring into our home. The key word here is try. Especially this winter because man was it rough entertaining a toddler in an apartment for the winter that never ends and mama got desperate! Writing here helps me pause and set intentions for our family. … Continue reading Choosing Toys to Promote Creativity and Pretend Play

Birthday Traditions

Kids birthday parties are nuts. Expensive cakes, moon bounces, performers, over the top favors... all for being alive for another trip around the sun.   Don't get me wrong,  we certainly want to celebrate Everly and each other, but we felt it was necessary to set the tone for how we'd approach birthdays to line … Continue reading Birthday Traditions

Saving Money on Landscaping

As a culture, we place a high premium on convenience. If we think of something we want or need, we choose the fastest and easiest way to fulfill it regardless of the expense. My number one tip for saving money? Be willing to wait.  This year's landscaping is a perfect example. We "needed" a combination … Continue reading Saving Money on Landscaping

How We’re Minimizing Baby Stuff

Oh my word. Babies come with so much stuff and it's really easy to believe you need that much stuff. Like, really easy. News flash: you don't. I remember my 9-month pregnant self flitting between Target and Kohl's buying the "essentials" before the baby arrived. I'm sure most of it was being a first-time mom and … Continue reading How We’re Minimizing Baby Stuff

Why We’re Ditching Our Family Room TV

Not only did we cancel our cable service, but we also removed our TV from the main floor in March. Crazy, I know. Strangely enough, we really didn't have any hesitations about it. We were both excited to live a life not glued to a TV, removed from advertisements and free from the temptations to turn … Continue reading Why We’re Ditching Our Family Room TV

Lowering Our Bills

Money can be so stressful (duh). Our monthly bill total kept creeping higher and higher. Whether it was an introductory rate that expired or adding in subscription services little by little, Nate and I were frustrated with the money leaving our bank account each month. Bills are such an accepted construct. A water cooler topic. … Continue reading Lowering Our Bills

Our New Home Decor Philosophy

I've got a not-so-secret, secret. This isn't my first go around the blogging block. About two years ago I started a blog called "Pinterior Designer" which was a DIY home decor blog. It doesn't exist anymore because I forgot to pay the fee for my domain name and now I don't even remember the password … Continue reading Our New Home Decor Philosophy

How We Paid Off A Credit Card Without Using Our Paychecks!

One of the ways Nate and I are breaking rules is that we have not used a credit card in five years. Even though we haven't used our credit card, we still had an outstanding balance. When we bought our house 5 years ago, we opened a Sears card and bought a fridge, washer, dryer, … Continue reading How We Paid Off A Credit Card Without Using Our Paychecks!

Major Closet Cleanout

Nate and I shared in our last post about how we are changing the way we shop for clothes but first, we needed to majorly purge our existing wardrobe. We've purged our wardrobes before, but never like this. Previously, we each had a dresser and a closet (Nate used the one in our guest room). … Continue reading Major Closet Cleanout