Why We’re Breaking the Rules

Welcome to Riedys Breaking Rules. This blog is about how we, Nate and Chelsea, are done. with. it. What’s it? Living life the way we’re “supposed” to. The way the media, social media pressure and society has inherently made us believe we’re supposed to follow a certain set of norms in order to have a “happy” life. We’ve seen through the advertising. We’re not buying it. And we’re done.

And it feels good. Really freaking good.


We’re saying no to new cars, buying a bigger house, needing new clothes every season, excessive toys, over-the-top gift giving, superfluous holiday “traditions” that detract from family time, using credit and just generally consuming without thinking. A lot of those things don’t seem inherently bad. What’s so bad about having nice cars? Why not buy your child cool toys? Because if we choose to value those things, we’re choosing to spend all of our time working to pay for those things. Things that we’ll eventually break, we’ll throw out, donate or want the newest model as soon as it’s available. We’d rather work less and be together more. In the long run, it’s not the things we have that we’ll remember, it’s our experiences we share. Experiences that won’t happen if we’re always working to pay for stuff or a bigger house to store our stuff. If it’s between Nate or me working more so we can have more stuff, there’s no question. We’ve decided to love people, not things.

We’ve slowly been stripping back, paring down and making room for what we feel is next in our life. What exactly is next? Well, we’re not 100% sure, but we have some inklings. Some intuitions. We know something is coming and we’re pretty sure it’s big.

In the meantime, we wanted to share these big (and little) changes we’re slowly making in order to create the life we want. It’s all about being intentional in the Riedy home these days and it just feels right.

Nate and I are eager to share what’s in our hearts so we’ll both be writing here. Our goal in blogging isn’t to make money, gain followers or turn this into any type of business. We’ve just realized that these changes we are making are freeing and we’re pretty passionate about it. Hopefully, our posts will inspire you to be more intentional with your time and money and learn to say no to the excess so you can say yes to what matters.

The Riedys are breaking all the rules and life has never been better.