About Us

Hey! We’re Nate, Chelsea, and Everly Riedy and we’re ready to break some rules.

Family photo.jpg

We graduated from Eastern University in 2009/2010. We married June 5, 2010, got a golden retriever in December of 2012, bought a house in June 2012 and had a baby May 20, 2016. It certainly seems as if we’ve checked off all of the boxes of the “American Dream,” doesn’t it?

I worked for five years teaching 6th graders reading in Philadelphia, PA and then one-year teaching Kindergarten in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I then worked from home for two years but recently transitioned to a Stay At Home Mom. I miss both of my teaching jobs for totally different reasons, but I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with my Ever-girl.

Nate is a fundraiser for World Relief and really talented at asking people for money. I cringe just thinking about it. I often wish he’d fundraise the entire cost of our mortgage and I legitimately think he could convince people that this would be a worthwhile use of their money. If you know Nate, you know he is a collector of hobbies. I don’t think he’s ever met a hobby he didn’t like unless it’s exercise related. He’s currently all in on civil war reenacting and I don’t think this hobby is going anywhere.

Everly, our two-year-old, is currently the boss lady of the house. Nate and I were sure it wouldn’t be that way. We’d be *better* parents than that. Girl has some preferences, opinions, feelings, demands. Whatever you want to call it, she has them. We’re looking forward to the day she starts to understand reason, but for now, when she says jump, we ask how high.

Everly flowerd.jpg

I mean, can’t you just feel the sass in this picture?

But in all seriousness, she’s the literal best. She’s hilarious, strong-willed, talkative, adventurous and the reason for all of the recent changes in our lifestyle. Nate and I want the best for her and we’re determined to provide the incredible life this awesome little girl is so deserving of. One that’s full of time with her parents, friends, God, service, and adventures.

We’re hoping to raise a little rule-breaker. A girl who knows her value. A girl who uses her voice. A girl who knows what matters even if it’s different from what the world says is important.

Read this page to find out why the “American Dream” isn’t the goal for us and what it means to be a rule-breaker in the Riedy household.