Everly’s Big Girl Room

Our home construction is moving along! The luxury vinyl planks are down in the whole house, window, door, and baseboard trim are installed, interior doors are prepped and ready for paint, the house is caulked and all of the spackled holes are sanded. We’re ready for paint and to begin assembling our IKEA cabinets for our contractor’s subs to install. I post pictures in my Instagram stories almost daily on @RiedysBreakingRules of each day’s progress. if you want to see pictures, find me on Insta and check out the Home Build highlights.

We’ve been talking with Everly about her new house and new room for what feels like her entire life, that I’m just so ready to set up her space and help her feel comfortable. She probably thinks we will never move in and we’ll just constantly talk about a new house forever; that that is what it means to build a house. You just shop for carpet and hold up paint swatches and visit a muddy construction site perpetually.

Her current room in our townhouse is only big enough for her crib and chair and she doesn’t spend time playing in there. I think having a big girl room will help Everly grow in her ability to play independently as she’ll have a special spot with space for her to spread out. Mama needs Everly to learn the joys of independent play. Like, yesterday.

While I picked out the dresser and bed (because $$$) she selected the blanket, pillows, sheets, and light with help from me and my mom. She also is set on a purple room and luckily she has agreed to lavender. If it was 100% up to her, she’d have deep purple everything. I’m a cool mom, but I’m not that cool.

IKEA Daybed with storage and trundle IKEA Malm DresserOpalhouse Quilt Threshold Throw Pillow  /  Target Pillow Pillowfort Sheets and Pillowcase  / Amazon Canopy  /  Pottery Barn Light

The color shown in this picture is brighter than what we have in mind for her room. We’re definitely going for a light, airy lavender and not something so in your face. I’ll be painting her room myself in the next month before we move in. We had the Malm dresser in her nursery and loved it. I’m intentionally keeping her dresser small so she can learn to limit her clothes as she grows up. Were lucky to buy this daybed from friends who’s daughter is ready for a bigger bed. I really wanted something with storage for books/blankets/toys underneath so this was a huge win! Her aunt bought her a canopy for her birthday which I’m hoping to hang over her bed, but if that doesn’t work in our space then I’ll set it up like the picture. The Pottery Barn light was purchased at their outlet last year for $50. Their lights are always priced lower than retail pricing and then typically 40-60% off the sale price. I highly recommend checking out a Pottery Barn or West Elm Outlet if you are looking for affordable, stylish lighting options.

We stumbled upon an oversized marquee letter ‘E’ from an architectural salvage shop downtown. It was used in a building sign from an old business in York and we thought it was unique. I’m thinking we’ll hang that over her bed or dollhouse. For decor, I’m planning to reuse all of the art from her nursery. It was all so meaningful that I don’t really see a point in picking out something new from Target or Home Goods, especially since it all coordinates with her big girl room. Happy coincidence? #nope

I’m so ready to tuck my girlie into her big girl bed. I can’t wait to lay snuggled up next to her and read bedtime stories together. I want to help her settle into the room she’ll grow up in.

The finish line, while not set in stone, is finally in sight. FINALLY! We’ll be done! Soon-ish! (I’m pretending that there won’t still be work like paving the common lane, our driveway, planting grass, and so much more after we actually move in). Let me live my life.

It will be so amazing for life not to revolve around building this house. I am so grateful for this house. So grateful. But we need to move on from home building. For almost two years, it’s been the center of everything. Our conversations, our free time, our decisions, our money, our mental energy, our frustrations, and our stress. I feel like I’ve been a bad friend/volunteer/anything other than house decision maker these last few months because the enormity of the project and the impact each decision has on our finances feels all consuming. I want to be out of this transition purgatory and start setting up life in York. I know that sounds ridiculous because we’ve been here since November of 2017, but it’s hard to settle in when you just don’t feel like you’re home. I want to feel at home. I want to have our friends from Royersford spend a weekend with us. I want to host Everly’s birthday party. I want to have family over for a holiday.

Soon. So soon.


4 thoughts on “Everly’s Big Girl Room

  1. Karen Riedy says:

    Great choices! Can’t wait to snuggle with her in her new room too! So ready for it to be finished and as far as hosting holidays there…oh ya! Ready for that too! 🤣


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