Master Bathroom Mood Board

If you saw our post about the lighting we’ve selected, you know we’ve been having fun stockpiling beautiful lighting for our new house. We’ve been slowly sourcing our master bathroom as well and we love the way it’s coming together. There aren’t a ton of places we’re splurging in our home, but the master bathroom is one place we want to feel luxurious. Just because it’s a little fancier than what we have planned in other spaces doesn’t mean we’re blowing our budget. We’re taking advantage of our extended timeline to shop for incredible deals and price compare.

Here’s the vibe we’re going for in our master bathroom:

Bathroom Master Mood Board

For the vanity, we wanted something long with double under mount sinks and lots of drawers. Our previous vanities have only had one or two drawers with cabinets and it’s been tricky to keep organized. We saw this Clinton 72 inch vanity go on overstock sale at Home Depot and it was too good of a deal to pass up. It’s currently listed at $1,440 but we paid significantly less than that. Home Depot messed up the delivery of the vanity so when Nate gave Home Depot a call, they immediately offered to compensate us for our trouble bringing the total down to $750. The headache was totally worth saving some money!

clinton vanity

We both love the look of oval mirrors with sconces on the sides. We regularly check HomeGoods for things we have on our to-buy list and we saw these two matching mirrors that were the perfect size a few weeks ago. The frame is a goldish-brass which will match the accents in the bathroom sconces and coordinate with our sconces in our bedroom.

oval brass mirror

The details for the sconces and bathtub light are in our last post. Nate and I high fived each other over the lights and still can’t get over how cool they are.

A lot of the inspiration posts we were pinning had unique mosaic floor tiles. We knew we were going to tile the shower floor and continue the flooring from our bedroom in the rest of the bathroom, so we thought we’d try a bolder floor tile in the shower. While on a scouting trip to Lowe’s (can you tell we’re ALWAYS looking for a good deal?!), we saw the perfect mosaic tile at a new low price. We picked up two boxes of these tiles with each piece costing $1.49. Our tile allowance is $5/sq ft so this is definitely keeping us under budget.

Over the last year, we’ve chosen a few different “final” choices, but we have officially definitely positively picked the look for the shower walls. We love the look of long white subway tiles in a herringbone pattern. Floor & Decor sells the perfect tile for 55 cents with 3 x 12 dimensions. We will most likely use this tile or something very similar.

A few months ago we visited a bathroom showroom and we were not impressed. The prices were ridiculous and just didn’t jive with our deal-loving selves. On the way home from the showroom, I called Faucet Direct to find out more about their company. Our builder was opposed to using fixtures and faucets from Home Depot or Lowe’s because the quality of those products isn’t as high. He said most plumbers will not issue warranties for their work installing those products because they have found them to be problematic. While our builder is very flexible about us sourcing products from different dealers, we wanted to adhere to his advice about using reputable bathroom products, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna do some research.

Faucet Direct is owned by Ferguson. Ferguson is the largest bathroom showroom in the country. If you order something on Faucet Direct, you will receive the literal exact same products you would receive if you ordered from a Ferguson showroom. Our plan is to pick out faucets and shower systems from Faucet Direct. We still need to select the specific products and ensure our builder is on board with this plan, but this is a way for us to build the bathroom of our dreams. With our allowances from our builder, we can’t afford anything close to the shower system pictured from the showroom. We’d essentially only be able to purchase the standard tiny shower head that comes in a builder grade home. While talking on the phone with Faucet Direct, the representative informed me that he’d be able to offer us discounts for purchasing multiple products. We’ll be sure to work with a representative to get the best prices possible.

shower system

The bathtub is a huge priority to me. I have always and will always love baths. I cannot wait to have a huge soaking tub. The bathroom showroom had one option in our price range, but we have a lot more options if we shop around. We’re specifically looking for a deck mount faucet, which means the faucet is installed in the tub. A lot of soaking tubs feature a floor mounted faucet which is very pricey.

bath tub 3

We are definitely ahead of the game when it comes to making final product selections, but we knew we’d be kicking ourselves when it finally came time to build if we were making rush decisions, purchasing things over our budget, or having to eliminate features because we can’t afford it. I can’t wait to see this bathroom come together!

This past week we had a blasting crew out to the site and they blew up the rest of the utility lines, one stormwater basin, and two of the basements. Now that the rock issue has been dealt with, our excavating crew can resume work and finish the predevelopment work. We still have several weeks of work to complete. We’re crossing our fingers for good weather and no more issues. We’re so ready to start the actual construction of our house.

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