Modern Farmhouse Lighting

We’re about one month away from breaking ground on the foundation of our house. One month!!! When we’ve been waiting since November of 2017, one month seems like no time at all. The last few weeks of excavating have seemed to move at a snail’s pace though due to holidays, poor weather, and heavy rock in one of the stormwater basins.


Nate and I figured we would use our extended wait time to hunt for the best deals on light fixtures. Our allowance for all the lights in the house is tight, so we’ve been stretching it by snagging amazing deals from Wayfair and our local Pottery Barn outlet. Nate loves wooden lights and I lean towards a more modern almost industrial feel. We both don’t like a matchy-matchy feel so we did our best to tie things together while still having a lot of variation. The overarching theme of our lights is glass, wood, and oil rubbed bronze. A lot of our house is going to be very simple, so the lighting is the perfect place to infuse some style and personality.

Here are the lights we’ve already purchased or have our eye on, waiting for a great sale.

modern farmhouse lighting moodboard

1/   2/   3/   4/   5/   6/   7/   8/   9/   10/   11/

1/ The star pendant we found on Wayfair. We purchased the larger version for our entrance way and the smaller one to hang over the bathtub in the master bath. We’ve ordered several lights and pieces of furniture from Wayfair already and are super impressed with the quality. We purchased a 15% off coupon from eBay and have saved a ton. When you’re buying a whole house worth of lighting, 15% adds up. Everything ships free over $50, which is a great bonus. We’ve also used their price adjustment feature. Their policy is within 7 days, but we’ve called after 7 days and they happily adjusted the price. I’ve heard that if you have a large order, you can call their customer service line and ask if they can give you a discount since you’re being such a great customer. After we placed several orders, we were assigned a customer service representative and were told to call him before any order we place to receive a discount. We can’t say enough good things about Wayfair. The prices we’ve paid are comparable (or cheaper) than lighting we’ve seen at big box stores, but bigger on style.

star pendant

2/ This simple chandelier is for our downstairs guest bedroom. We haven’t purchased it yet but may look for something with a little bit of wood in it. If you’re into the modern farmhouse look, search Laurel Foundry on Wayfair. That brand has the perfect farmhouse vibe and will help you easily coordinate fixture finishes.

guest bedroom down

3/ The semi-flush mount from Wayfair is for the mudroom. It’s another Laurel Foundry find and we like the look, but may look for something even more affordable than the one shown.

mudroom 2

4/ So far, the outdoor entrance lights are the only lights we’ve picked from Lowe’s. We haven’t purchased them yet, but when we do we’ll be sure to use a coupon. eBay sells coupons and we typically look for 10% off the entire purchase that the seller sends via email. We don’t have a Lowe’s credit card, but if we can’t find a coupon, we’ll use my parents for 5% off everything.

lowes outdoor pendant

5/ This gorgeous chandelier is also from Overstock and will be the centerpiece of our master bedroom. Our ceiling is vaulted and we wanted something large to fill the space. Nate loves the look of wood chandelier’s, so this one was a no brainer. We have yet to order from Overstock, but you better believe we’ll be waiting for the best deal. They often sell lights from an open box for a lower price and we’d be willing to snag one of those for a better deal.

wood chandeleir

6/ The semi-flush mount light is for Everly’s room. She helped me pick it out while we were shopping at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Lancaster. The outlet has been one of our favorite places for sourcing lights because of their incredible pricing. Everything there is already a lower price compared to the retail store and then typically an additional 40-60% off. We scored this adorable crystal flowered light for $50!

everly's room

7/ The globe pendant light will hang over our dining room table. We had the hardest time picking out a dining room light, but when we saw this one, we were instantly sold. Another Wayfair score we couldn’t be more excited to see in the finished space.


8/ For our bedroom, we purchased sconces for over the nightstands from the PB Outlet. We purchased two of them on sale for $70 each.

bedroom sconce

9/ The bathroom sconces were found while I was rocking Everly to sleep one night. We already had lights picked out for the bathrooms, but they just weren’t feeling right. That’s what happens when you have months to make decisions. I sent Nate some screenshots of lights I was liking more and that led him to these. At $43 a light, the price is comparable to a sconce we’d find on the shelves of Lowe’s but with 10 times the wow factor. We bought six to use in all 3 of the bathrooms.

iron gate sconce

10/ We bought the island pendant lights TWO Christmases ago. That’s how long we’ve been thinking we’d start building “soon.” They’ve been sitting in my in-laws’ basement ever since. But who cares because we got a great deal! We bought two of the larger pendants for $50 each from the PB outlet.

island pendant

11/ The wagon wheel chandelier is for our great room. We found one we love on Amazon with a 38-inch diameter, but it’s currently sold out. Our great room is large so we wanted something substantial to suit the space. I think this is the perfect piece!

wagon wheel 38 dia

We still need to find one more light for the upstairs guest bedroom, which will eventually be a room for our next family member. I’m thinking we’ll scoop something up from Pottery Barn on one of our next visits. Every time we purchase a light, it helps me visualize our future home and has kept me hopeful as the starting line continued to change. It’s been a fun project for Nate and me to work on together to stay positive while we hit speed bumps in the home build process. We’re beyond excited to move past the excavating phase in the coming weeks and onto our home build!

So what do you think? Where is your favorite place to find beautiful lights? We still need to buy a few more so I’d love to hear your best sources!

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