Modern Farmhouse Custom Build Plan

Am I really doing this? Am I actually at the point where we I can share our house plans with you?! It still doesn’t feel real. If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post about our subdivision progress, check that out here!

After interviewing two builders, we signed a contract with a contractor who we feel was able to capture our vision and understand our end goal. Part of me feels like building a new home doesn’t jive with our overall mission of living on and with less, but creating a neighborhood filled with family and friends is an invaluable childhood we hope to offer to Everly and our future children.

I know you’re really here to see the plans so I’ll share it now and then break everything down.

Modern farmhouse build plan

We’re obsessed!

A few big picture notes: The overall square footage of the house is just over 2,500 square feet. The basement will be unfinished for now. If we do have a garage right away, it will be a detached pole barn garaged. The savings of building the garage this way is about $15,000-$20,000. Definitely worth it!

Here are some of our parameters and how we ended up with this design:

We want our home to be open and used well. I don’t want to spend money each month on rooms we never step foot it. I don’t want to waste dollars on furniture for spaces we will frequent just a few times a year. That rules out a formal living room, dining room, breakfast nook, office, library, craft room, formal foyer and other rooms that may be typical of a custom build.

The finishes in the house will be functional and beautiful, but we aren’t willing to pay extra for upgrades simply based on aesthetics. There are one or two exceptions to that rule, but overall we stuck with that principle when designing the floor plan. We chose a simple roofline and streamlined exterior finishes to keep costs down.

So, how did that translate into our floor plans? Check out the floor plans below!

Open concept first floor plan

Since this rendering, we’ve made a few changes. The column closest to the front door was removed, the small pantry cabinet next to the stove is now replaced with a double oven and the fridge was relocated closest to the eating area. If we do have a fireplace, it will push into the great room instead of sticking out of the house. The slider in the back will be a french door.

The front door opens up right into the great room. To the left of the entrance, we have our main guest bedroom. We wanted to prioritize bedroom space to leave the door open for whoever needs a place to stay which is why this isn’t a study or dining room. We chose to move the staircase flush with the wall and eliminate the hallway to allow more space in the great room. Next to the great room is the eat-in kitchen. We wanted this space to have plenty of room for gathering and hanging out. I’m super excited to have a pantry and mudroom to keep life organized!

The second floor is simple as well. We have our master bedroom, two bedrooms, a hall bathroom, and laundry room. One space that does feel a little extravagant to us is our master bedroom suite, but we wanted to prioritize space for our marriage. We envision our house filled with kids one day and think it’s wise for us to carve out private space. (Although, Everly’s recent temper tantrums are making us think that one kid is plenty…).

Second floor plan

As we move through the build process, I’m hoping to share our tips and tricks for how we are saving money. Our builder has been helpful in suggesting ways to create the vibe we want for our home without adding much to our budget. We appreciate that he’s suggesting small alterations that will add up to decrease our bottom line. I’m aware that every suggestion he makes to cut our costs also cuts into his profit.  I really value that we found someone who understands how important it is for us not to make decisions based on appearances alone and to be good stewards of our money.Modern farmhouse build plans
Is there anything about the custom build process you’d like to know about? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to share as much as I can as we go!



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