Subdivision: It’s Time to Celebrate! (Maybe)

I can’t believe I can share this with you all.

It’s been 10 months since we moved to York. It’s been almost exactly one year since we submitted our subdivision plans to the township, and we finally feel like our home build isn’t a maybe thing. It’s actually, probably, most-likely happening, people!

Subdivision process and progress
Last week, we received the final permit we’ve been waiting for months to be granted and ordered the culvert for the stream crossing. The culvert takes 4-6 weeks to manufacture so we aren’t ready to break ground yet, but there’s no going back now! (I think). Once the culvert arrives, we have one to two months of predevelopment work (stormwater management, creating our shared lane, digging trenches for utilities and on and on and on…) before the individual home builds happen.

We’ve wanted to be excited and share our excitement with friends and family, but we just couldn’t allow ourselves to get our hopes up anymore. The wetlands and stream created so many extra time-intensive, expensive hoops to jump through. Any time we took one step forward, we then took ten steps backwards. We have been disappointed so many times over the last year that we were doubting if we would actually get to this point. The construction starting line never seemed within reach, the requirements for the project kept increasing, and the price of the project kept creeping up.

In August we thought we had the all clear. The 4 families building plus my parents who are selling us the land even celebrated with an ice cream party. We took a group photo to commemorate the special occasion! And then less than 24 hours later we were informed we were not, in fact, ready to move forward. Another set back. Another delay. Best case scenario we were looking at a one month delay. Worst case scenario could take 6-12 months. We assumed the worst because the worst case scenario seemed to play out in every situation so far.

And then last week, we got word from the Army Corp of Engineers that our permit would be complete by the end of the day. Just like that. From there, things really started to pick up speed. The township engineer didn’t need to review our manufacturer’s culvert plans. The order was placed. We’re working on drawing up deeds, submitting paperwork for our mortgage underwriting, and making appointments to select materials for our house.

It still doesn’t feel real. The day we found out, Nate and I were both like, “Well that’s good, I guess.” And that was the end of the conversation. No celebrating. We’d done that already only to take it all back the next day.

BUT! We made it past the danger zone! (We think. Still not brave enough to make that statement with certainty.) Of course, we’ll encounter bumps in the road as we build, but at least we know we are ACTUALLY GOING TO BUILD A HOUSE!

I hope.

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