“What’s going on with your house?”

The most common question we get these days is, “What’s going on with your home build?”

And the answer is everything!! and nothing.

We’ve already encountered so many obstacles and we have yet to shovel an ounce of dirt. Part of the problem is that we didn’t have accurate expectations for the process of land subdivision. We definitely underestimated the time involved and the cost.
There have been plenty of roadblocks outside of our control when it comes to the approval of the plans for the subdivision. The location of our property and the presence of wetlands and a stream have added several complicated, time-consuming layers. When we sold our home, we truly believed we’d be renting our apartment for 6-8 months, living in our new house this summer. At the very latest, we’d be in our home for the holidays.

Subdivision and home build progress

So, where are actually in this process? This last month has been a flurry of decisions. Here’s a quick update of what is already checked off in our journey to build a house on family land:

  • Township approved the subdivision plans drawn up by our engineers
  • Sewer authority approved sewer plans
  • Department of Environmental Protection approved our NPDES permit
  • We’ve met with two builders
  • Draftsman created home plans and after two rounds of revisions, we have a mostly final plan
  • We bought our kitchen appliances, washer, dryer, and water heater during a going out of business sale at Sears
  • We created a kitchen design plan and priced out all of the cabinets
  • We solicited bids from excavators and made a final choice


White Farmhouse Inspiration

This photo featured in Country Living by Max Kim-Bee captures the general vibe we’re envisioning for our house.

A few weeks ago, we thought we had the all clear and even celebrated what we thought was the beginning of land development. Unfortunately, 24 hours after the happy news, we found out there were more hoops to jump through. We really don’t know how much longer this will take.  This last year has been an absolute roller coaster. There have been some highs, but way too many lows. Every time we think we’re rounding a corner, inching closer to the finish line, we’ve found the finish line pushed even farther away. Without the work of my brother, Nate, and another neighbor building with us, we would never have made the progress we have thus far. In fact, it most likely would have fallen apart.

So for now, we wait. A few months ago, the arrival of yet another delay to our project would have been devastating. I’m not going to pretend that this hasn’t been a difficult season. This weekend, we moved out of our apartment and into a townhouse to hopefully make the wait a bit more enjoyable. From the very first night in our apartment, we’ve had a poor experience and we just couldn’t take it anymore. It’s frustrating that our daughter has lived in three homes in less than a year; that we’ve had to create a new normal in a temporary space twice.

While extremely frustrating, we’ve learned God brought us to York for reasons that weren’t even on our minds at the time of moving here. The lure of a new house is what got us to put the for sale sign up on our old life, but that was just the very beginning of the whole picture. We’re grateful that God’s plan is better than ours.
Hopefully, we’ll have a house to share with you all sometime in the next year.

4 thoughts on ““What’s going on with your house?”

  1. Linda Holden says:

    Can’t imagine York without the Riedy family! We love babysitting and seeing Everly enjoy the farm and seeing all the exciting outreaches at church that God has laid on your heart!


  2. Caity Stenman says:

    I can SO relate to this! All of my great plans for moving back to PA have not come to fruition yet, but I see God moving in so many ways I didn’t even imagine!


    • chelseariedy says:

      The waiting is SO hard, especially when things aren’t going as planned. I hope you’re able to find joy even in transition and I’m glad you’re able to see God moving already. For a while, we had no idea what God was doing but he’s slowly showed us why he brought us back to York. Nate would never be at World Relief and several other things we weren’t even thinking about when we made the decision to move.


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