Whole 30: Halfway Done!

Today marks day 15 of our Whole30 journey. We spend so much time talking about food, grocery shopping and prepping meals that it’s kind of running our lives. It’s actually a welcome distraction though because it’s better than stressing over our upcoming move.

Since we’re spending so much time talking about Whole30, I may as well give a check in as we’ve reached the halfway mark!

Whole 30 Day 15

  • I have never cooked such delicious food in my life. I’m not joking, all but one meal I’ve made so far have been incredibly good. And I’m really not a good cook (ask Nate). I guess when you only cook with fresh, real ingredients it makes a noticeable difference. Shocker.
  • Nate and I both have endured food temptations and have stayed strong. Between work lunches, Halloween parties and Everly literally trying to shove a cheese stick in my mouth repeatedly, we’ve still managed to follow all of the rules. We talk about how impressed we are with ourselves at least 5 times a day.

We took Everly to her first Trunk or Treat and the tiny bucket was intentional. I didn’t want her to have a ton of candy in general plus we didn’t need any temptations. We gave away and threw out all but three pieces for her to have.

  • For me personally, I really like the idea Whole30 pushes of eliminating food that has “no breaks.” I struggle with self-control so just having a few of something never works for me. A Little bit of ice cream? *Crushes the whole pint.* A handful of Cheez-its? *Destroys entire box.* Not even allowing myself to eat unhealthy foods, even in moderation has contributed to the success of the program.
  • We both feel really positive about what we’re putting into our bodies. It’s frustrating what companies are allowed to hide in our food, even foods that are seemingly “healthy” like vegetable broth. Knowing that everything we’re eating is 100% free from crap is refreshing. We feel like we’re sticking it to the man with the choices we’re making. Not today, high fructose corn syrup!
  • While we have yet to experience the “Tiger’s blood” feeling described in the program, we’ve seen and felt some positive physical changes. I’m not weighing myself until the end of the 30 days as per the rules to keep the focus on making healthy choices and not the scale, but I’ve already lost inches and generally notice a more positive self-image.
  • There’s no limit on the amount of food you eat. This isn’t a weight loss program so there’s no calorie counting. The focus is truly on eating whole foods and noticing how that affects your body. I’m learning that I use food as a reward and comfort so I need to find a replacement for those things.


  • The time spent finding recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping and preparing food is slightly obnoxious. It feels like a part-time job. I’m hoping that we get to a point where this process is second nature and we don’t have to spend so much time on each of these steps. I spend about an hour or more each night cooking dinner because of all the chopping. I can’t find everything I need at Aldis so I’ve had to do shop at multiple stores each week.
  • The amount of dishes I’ve done in the last 15 days is annoying. I’m over it, but Nate thinks this isn’t a Whole30 thing, this is just a cooking thing. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.
  • Eating healthy is expensive. Whole30 encourages local and organic food when possible. Normally, I find the cheapest of whatever item I need, but since I have to find soy, grain, dairy, nitrate, gluten, sugar-free products, that usually leaves me with the most expensive products. I refuse to even calculate how much we’ve spent on groceries these last 15 days because its nowhere near my thrifty Aldis shopping I posted about in the past.
  • The books warn you about the Whole30 timeline and what to expect. It’s not pretty, but at least they’re upfront about it. Their whole schtick is tough love and I actually really appreciate it. True to the book, we’ve experienced fatigue, sugar headaches, crankiness, weird sleep and dreams, and my breakouts have gotten worse. Yay! Obviously, this part of the experiment is a bummer but not enough to make us quit.

Hopefully, in 15 days I can report back that we successfully made it through. At this point, we are planning to continue the Whole30 habits indefinitely but will add in whole grains and possibly beans. Thrilling, isn’t it?

Have you tried Whole30? Do you want to but just can’t bring yourself to take the plunge? Are you on the fence? I’d love to hear about your experience!

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