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“We’re never moving to York.”

Famous last words.

I’m originally from York, Pa and Nate moved there his senior year of high school. While we both have family there, we’ve loved our current town and community we’ve built here. We’ve adamantly declared, “We’re never moving to York.” Once Everly was born, some changes took place in both of our hearts.

Everly is a happy girl. She’s also a toddler. Which means she’s loud, needy and doesn’t ever give us a break. We’ve realized that we can’t realistically keep up this pace of parenting without breaks. We need grandparents and aunts and uncles to be a part of Everly’s village. Of course, we have wonderful friends who help us when we really need it, but they have their own families as well. Nate and I are tired. We want to go on dates. I want to go to a doctors appointment alone. I want help if I’m sick. Our families want to help but being 1.5-2 hours away, it’s just not always possible.

Another huge factor in our decision is Nate’s job. He currently works an hour and 20 minutes away from home. Moving to York cuts his commute down to 20 minutes and buys us back 10 hours of family time each week. Nate’s line of work comes with its share of weekend and evening events as well. Since we’ve lived so far away, he’d typically just stay at work for a 6:00 dinner event and then wouldn’t get home until around 10. Living 20 minutes away would allow Nate to drive home for a break instead of having to work these marathon days. When he does have a late workday or business trip, I’ll have 4 sets of family who I can call up and drop in and eat dinner with. I hope you’re ready for that Riedys and Holdens!

Deciding to Move
Another big focus of our family recently has been our finances. We’ve been working hard to streamline bills, pay down debt and spend less overall. Living in York will drastically decrease our mortgage and provide more financial security. We’re not exactly sure how the numbers will shake out but we know it will be a significant decrease in our mortgage payment.

If we were only allowed to choose one reason for moving, this would be it. My parents bought a beautiful 55-acre farm and the plan is to sell part of the land to us, my brothers’ family and two other families we know. Everly’s next door neighbor will be her cousins and a few acres behind her will be her grandparents. Imagining Everly growing up on the farm brings tears to our eyes. There’s a stream that flows through the property, a huge clearing for camping, fields for running and woods for exploring. The childhood we can provide her with there is going to be incredible.

Photo taken by our future neighbor, Amanda.

And not just her, but our future family as well. Nate and I feel a strong (and scary) calling to adopt. We want to move home to have the help of our family as we grow our family through adoption. The new home that we’re building, will be similar in size but with a layout that allows for more bedrooms to fill up. We get all weepy thinking about our future kids, who may already be out there, coming to live a life of adventure at the farm.

Watching fireworks on the farm with cousins.

That makes the stress of this season worth it. We’ll share more about our build plans and the progress of our move once we know more.

3 thoughts on ““We’re never moving to York.”

    • chelseariedy says:

      It really is! I can’t wait till she can walk the trails back to her grandparents house or eat dinner with her cousins next door on those nights when I just need a minute. I’m so looking forward the community/village aspect of our new neighborhood.


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