A Story of God’s Faithfulness in our Lives: Part 1

This story is going to be several posts long. Nate and I have had an inkling that God has been preparing us for the next phase of our lives. We’ve felt like we’re on the precipice of something big, but couldn’t quite put our finger on exactly what that was. Recently, we’ve felt peace about the next, unexpected step our family should take. Before we share that, we wanted to recall the ways God has been preparing this path for us, years in advance. We hope it encourages you to hang in there. Nate and I love to reminisce about how God’s hand has been orchestrating events that we don’t realize until months or years later were a meaningful part of His plan for our lives. Reflecting on God’s track record helps us to move forward with confidence even when the path isn’t fully clear. When we were first married at the wise old age of 21, neither of us had full-time jobs. No stable income, no benefits, no sick/vacation days. We were naive newlyweds living off of love. Nate still had a year left of college so he would continue working part-time. I was to be the primary breadwinner of the family, but my job as a summer camp counselor at a local JCC didn’t quite check off that box.

God's faithfulness
The first week of June, I had an interview with a charter school in Philadelphia. I was hoping to work for the School District of Philadelphia, but they placed a district-wide hiring freeze the week I had completed my interview and demonstration lesson for the school I was student teaching in. With no end in sight for the freeze, I had to look into other options. The suburbs of Philadelphia are extremely competitive and most preferred 3-5 years of experience so I didn’t even bother applying.

The Tuesday afternoon interview at the charter school went well and they asked me to come back for a demonstration lesson on Thursday. Well, my bachelorette party was on Wednesday, our family arrived in town on Friday and our wedding was on Saturday. I reluctantly agreed knowing how much we needed the job but was instantly overwhelmed at the thought of preparing the lesson in the midst of that crazy week.

Thursday rolled around and I knew there was no way I could do the demonstration. I was an anxious mess and stressed out with all of the last minute tasks I needed to accomplish for the wedding. I called their HR person and asked to reschedule the lesson. We weren’t able to set a date then so I agreed to call back after my honeymoon.

After the honeymoon, I wasn’t able to coordinate a time to do a demonstration lesson. I assumed they filled the position and no longer had a need to bring me in. It was disappointing, but I set my sights on other positions.

Well, the start of the new school year was quickly approaching and I still didn’t have a job. Two weeks left of my summer job and after that, I was out of a paycheck. One evening, I was scrolling through the education section on Craigslist and I came across a listing for that very same charter school I interviewed with in early June. I emailed the HR director and set up another interview for that Thursday.

I arrived at the school and met with the vice principal. After a few minutes of talking, she shared that she remembered my interview well and offered me the job on the spot. I accepted immediately and drove home, tearfully calling my husband to share the good news with him.

I drove right to the JCC to let them know that I had to quit because my new job started that Monday.

Talk about perfect timing. Would it have been nice to get the job the first time around and not have to worry all summer? Of course! But I think I would have attributed that success to my own merit. The unique circumstances in which I found my job made it perfectly clear that God was in control and had a plan for my life.

This was just the first instance in our marriage where we realized that God is making a way for us, even when we don’t think things are working in our favor. God was just beginning to teach us that our life is going according to a plan. His plan. One that is far greater than anything we could imagine.

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