Why We’re Ditching Our Family Room TV

Not only did we cancel our cable service, but we also removed our TV from the main floor in March. Crazy, I know.

No TV in family room

Strangely enough, we really didn’t have any hesitations about it. We were both excited to live a life not glued to a TV, removed from advertisements and free from the temptations to turn it on instead of actively parenting. We’ve watched the occasional episode of Baby Einstein in bed with Everly on days she’s teething and nothing seems to make her happy, but it isn’t part of her daily routine.

In the beginning, I kept wanting to turn on Ellen that I recorded while I was hanging with Everly during the day but after a week or two, it was like it was never even there. We were both really surprised how quickly we adjusted. Some evenings seem to drag on without the cop-out of turning on the tv (just being honest) but most nights we go for a walk or play together. It’s been really sweet.

I love that Everly never has the TV on and I don’t have to worry about managing her screen time, especially as she gets older. I don’t have to ensure she doesn’t hear something she shouldn’t or stress over her developing a sedentary lifestyle. I’m sure this conversation will evolve as she ages and hears about different shows from friends but we’re hoping she appreciates the life we’ve created for her sans TV. We’re crossing our fingers she won’t miss what she never had.

Nate and I do plan to create fun family movie nights and look forward to sharing childhood favorites with her– team Aladdin forever! We can’t wait to snuggle up on the couch with Everly in our pj’s but we imagine this as a special family event versus an all the time thing. *Side note- when will this girl learn to like cuddling? Because right now we’re ecstatic whenever Everly graces us with her head leaning on our shoulders for even a few seconds. Girl knows how to play us.

We still have our TV in our bedroom, which I know some people have strong feelings about, but we’ve seen overall positive changes. We go to bed together every night versus Nate staying up late watching tv downstairs. We’ll watch some of The Office or Parks and Rec on Netflix (thanks for letting us use your account, mom!) in our room together but our overall tv watching has drastically decreased. We now go to bed earlier and spend more time together in general.

If you’ve ever had the slightest desire to get rid of the tv, give it a try! This is the perfect time of year to make this change because there are so many activities to fill the void of your Netflix binge-watching. Make the switch now while it’s easy to send your kids outside or amp up that honey-do list for your spouse to transition them into your new normal.

Check out this post to see how we filled the 42-inch space on our living room wall!

*I wrote this post a month earlier so before sharing it, I wanted to add in a quick update. June in the Riedy house pretty much sucks. June is Nate’s busiest, most stressful month at work so we’ve been in autopilot mode. The two of us have watched more tv in bed at night than we’d both like this past month. Now that it’s June 30th (FINALLY!!) we’re ready to refocus on family time and not let work steal so much of our energy that all we can muster at the end of each day is TV watching. I just wanted to be honest and say that we’re a work in progress and that’s ok! Start where you are, change what you can. Refocus when you need to and keep at it.

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