We Stopped Using Screens with Our Daughter

During the construction of our home, we relied on Netflix to keep Everly busy. A LOT. We’d visit the construction site multiple times a day and hand Everly Doc McStuffins on our phone hoping she’d stay occupied while we caught up on the changes for the day, checked in with our builder, and made last-minute … Continue reading We Stopped Using Screens with Our Daughter

Everly’s Big Girl Room

Our home construction is moving along! The luxury vinyl planks are down in the whole house, window, door, and baseboard trim are installed, interior doors are prepped and ready for paint, the house is caulked and all of the spackled holes are sanded. We're ready for paint and to begin assembling our IKEA cabinets for … Continue reading Everly’s Big Girl Room

How I Deal with Depression and Anxiety

My second year of teaching was in a school which used merit-based pay that created a competitive, high-stress environment. While I ultimately feel that led to high-quality instruction and engaged teachers, it took a toll on my stress levels and overall mental health. Towards the end of the year, my hard work was rewarded with … Continue reading How I Deal with Depression and Anxiety

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Mood Board

We're in full-on house planning mode over here! Our basement is being dug tomorrow and the basement walls are being set on Monday. While there is still predevelopment work to be done like grading and utilities brought in, we're so so so ready to move on to the actual build of our house. Our kitchen … Continue reading Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Mood Board

Master Bathroom Mood Board

If you saw our post about the lighting we've selected, you know we’ve been having fun stockpiling beautiful lighting for our new house. We’ve been slowly sourcing our master bathroom as well and we love the way it’s coming together. There aren’t a ton of places we’re splurging in our home, but the master bathroom … Continue reading Master Bathroom Mood Board

What My 2 Year Old Has Learned About Beauty

On Sunday, I spent a little extra time getting ready for church. I straightened my hair and put on makeup. Straightening my hair is an usual occasion. I wear makeup rarely, maybe 4 times a month at most. Everly saw me pull out my makeup bag and came waltzing into the bathroom declaring she wanted … Continue reading What My 2 Year Old Has Learned About Beauty

Let Them Be Little

My degree is in Elementary and Special Education. I taught for six years; five as a sixth-grade reading teacher and one as a kindergarten teacher. I am one practicum away from my master's degree in Multicultural Education with a Reading Specialist certification. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that since I'm a teacher, Everly should know … Continue reading Let Them Be Little

Modern Farmhouse Lighting

We're about one month away from breaking ground on the foundation of our house. One month!!! When we've been waiting since November of 2017, one month seems like no time at all. The last few weeks of excavating have seemed to move at a snail's pace though due to holidays, poor weather, and heavy rock … Continue reading Modern Farmhouse Lighting

Ok to Wake Clock Review

I realize this post is different from what we usually post, but this parenting hack is too good not to share. Everly has always been an early riser. When she was a newborn, she’d wake up around 5 or 6 to nurse but then she’d go back to sleep and I could squeeze out a … Continue reading Ok to Wake Clock Review

Diverse Children’s Books: Volume 1

One of my favorite things to do with Everly is read. I used to hand out a bookmark at parent-teacher conferences that said readers are born on the laps of their parents. Before every nap and bedtime, Everly selects three books to read with me. She'll read in the car or pull out her book … Continue reading Diverse Children’s Books: Volume 1